Captive Lies is Live!

It’ll be 99 cents until February 23!




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Saving Grace is live







Book Blurb:


I awoke amidst chaos.

With no memory or name and no one to trust.

I held the key that could bring down a cartel kingpin.

If only I could remember.

I realized I was a known target to El Segador.

“The Reaper.”

The Mexican cartel’s deadliest hitman.

He toyed with me and bided his time to kill me.

But amnesia and an assassin weren’t the end of my problems.

I was pregnant.

Two men claimed to be the father.

And as I started to remember, I questioned the type of men I had let into my body.

One of them had an agenda.

Despite the other’s current overprotectiveness and caring, my fractured memories revealed a contemptuous asshole.

To save myself and my unborn child, I needed to put my faith in one of them.

But which one?


* Explicit sexual content and strong language. May be read as a standalone.



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Still here …

I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve had two releases since Deadly Obsession.


A Love For Always is Nate and Sylvie’s book and is the last book in the Always series and could be read as a standalone.



Fighting Chance is the first book in my exciting new series set in a small town with not-so-small-town intrigue.


The next book, Saving Grace will be out by mid-June. Stay tuned!! 🙂


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Deadly Obsession is live

Deadly Obsession SmallerAmazon Links:


Amazon UK

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Deadly Obsession Excerpt

Publishing date: April 15, 2015



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Deadly Obsession Teaser Chapters

Excerpt in Color

Publishing Date: mid April.

Genre: Romantic Suspense


*Warning. Romantic suspense with dark themes. Extremely obsessive and jealous hero. Strong language and sexual content with sexual deviant situations that may be disturbing. Mature audience, 18 years and above.

The first time Jake sees Ella he is struck by her beauty.

He becomes obsessed.

His obsession becomes a deadly affair.

You see, Ella belongs to someone else.

Someone determined to keep her … or kill her.


Teaser Chapters: deadlyobsession_ch1_2


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Always Been Mine, 99 cents until December 12

We’re live and it’s only 99 cents until December 12. Grab your copy now on Amazon.





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